serving the Least, Last, and Lost in Cape Town, South Africa

We are the Render’s

We live and serve in Cape Town, South Africa.  We have been here since August 2010.  Below you will see information on the organizations that we work with.  On the contact tabs you will find out more about each member of our family.  There are lots of ways to interact with us socially, but be sure and sign up for our newsletter while your are here.  Its on the right of your screen, and again at the bottom.  

Children of Promise

Shelby and Andrea are the directors of a program called Children of Promise.  We seek to make disciples of children and families through a holistic after school program.  Thru lifeskills, Bible studies, and tutoring we seek to impact the children on every level.  We currently have 30 students in our program and seek to help the most vulnerable in the communities that we work in.  We work with local schools and social services to identify those children and families that are struggling the most.  Click on the logo below to go to their website and learn more.  

Children of promise logo-02

All Nations

We serve with a ministry call All Nations, a world wide missions training and sending organization.  We direct a local ministry called Children of Promise, but also take part in local churches, training events, and hosting teams. Are you or someone you know considering going into missions?  We have 3, 6, and 9 month training programs designed to equip with the tools you will need to make disciples and plant churches.  We also offer 1,3, and 5 day training modules to help equip the local church. Click on the link below to check out the website for more information.  


Welcome to CPx at All Nations!
In this short video, my friend and the founder of All Nations, Floyd McClung, shares the vision and values of All Nations and invites you to be a part!


At the heart of 7 is a group of friends who have moved from around the world and from different parts of South Africa to live and surf and raise our children in Kommetjie and the surrounding areas. We believe that community is something that is built an lived out – 7 days a week. We are a value based friendship – movement that looks to connect and include people from all different walks of life.

About Us