Submit, Resist, and Be humble.  My summary of James 4:7-10, full text below.

I used a dictionary to come up with a short definition and a few synonyms for each.



Def: Accept or yield to a superior force.

Syn: Yield, comply, bow, accept

This is really not all that difficult for most of us to  imagine.  We work or have worked at some point so we know what it is to submit to a “Boss” or a superior.  If your married, you know what it means to submit to another person.  If you have watched Star Wars, than you are familiar with forces; yielding to and resisting.  So, when James tells us to Submit to God, it isn’t all that difficult for us to picture what that looks like or how to do it.


Def: withstand the action or effect of something

Syn: withstand, hold out, combat

This was a little harder for me to picture, but very important for me to figure out and to understand.  How do I resist the Devil?  Can I?  I mean Adam and Eve couldn’t, and they walked with God.  Thankfully we have an amazing story of Jesus resisting the Devil and helps us unlock the key to resisting the Devil.  Each time the Devil came to him, he used the Bible, albeit distorted, it was still the scripture.  This is why it is so important to know our Scriptures.

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What was Jesus response to the devil when he came at him with twisted scripture?  His response was, “It is written….”  He knew his scripture and used it to resist the lies of the Devil.

So what does this look like practically….do you know your weakness?  Are you resisting, are you prepared in those areas?  Think of it as a war.  Our troops would not just go camping in the middle east.  They would set up a proper base.  Find a proper location.  Set up fencing and defenses.  They would limit who comes in and who comes out.  Motion dectors, Spot lights and flood lights, perimeter patrols, booby traps, the whole nine yards.  They are resisting the enemy.  This is how it should look for us.  We have an enemy, and we need to prepare accordingly.  Not that we walk in fear, but properly prepared so we can resist him.  Just like antibiotics resist infection.



Def: Show modesty and low estimate of ones importance

Syn: meek, modest, respectful

This is one that I believe we are also all fairly familiar with.  Even if we aren’t practicing, we are aware of the idea and what it looks like and what it doesn’t, and that the opposite of it is ________?  Right, pride.  So, James says, Humble yourselves.  Be Humble, stay humble.

3 simple statements from James; Submit, Resist, and Be Humble, taken from James 4:7-10