Our new car

     It was truly amazing how all of the new car details came together. We felt like for the first time in almost 5 years the Lord said yes to us having a second car. We sent out a letter saying just that and we would be purchasing our friends car for about $5000. In less than 6 days we had the majority of the money!!! We were blown away!

     Our friends, that we were buying the car from, decided to keep the car and take it to Zimbabwe with them. It was cheaper in the long run, for them, to keep their car than to purchase another there. So, we started looking and were very patient. We found a green mini van and liked it, but the man wanted more than we wanted to pay. We waited for 2 weeks and went back to him and the car was still available. He lowered the price to what we wanted and took care of all fees for licensing and change of title! It was also owned by an older couple who were only in the country 3 months out of the year, the mileage is so low. It was kept in super good condition.

     The funny thing is we had a green minivan in America with grey leather seats and now we have the same green color and the same grey leather seats in the new minivan. It feels very “home” to all of us. It also fits our entire family and has space in the back and roof racks. God gave us little details that we didnt ask for but He new would bless us.

Introducing the Green Machine 2

     I still can hardly believe I have a car and I’m not loaning it from someone!!! This is so huge for
our family! Thank you to everyone who donated and for all of you that prayed for the funds to come in. We are so thankful for this gift and how God stirred hearts to give.